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Perfume Lab

Perfume Lab

The best introduction to creating a perfume. CEEMEE has launched a new unique experience where you can be your own perfumer and delve into the fascinating world of scent.

The Perfume Lab is a workshop where you discover all the elements of perfumery and get to blend your own one of a kind creation.

This experience includes the following topics:

  • An introduction to the world of perfumery
  • Exploring various raw materials, both natural and synthetic, and the classification of scent families.
  • Understanding the basics of how the “perfume pyramid” influences the roles of the raw materials in a perfume, as well as the top, middle and base notes.
  • Discovering the use of Fragrance Wheel and how it is used in the industry today by the world’s leading fragrances houses.
  • The chance to create your own formula step-by-step, and make your unique 30ml perfume to take home with you using 40+ natural and synthetic oils to choose from.

Duration: 2 hours


05 TO 10 R 400.00
11 TO 20 R 375.00
21 TO 30  R 350.00

* Pricing may include an additional travel fee depending on location

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